Happiness exists in action; it exists in telling the truth and saying what your truth is; and it exists in giving away what you want the most - Eve Ensler




I work with structurally competent practice & policy responses to the problems that break my heart the most.


I grew up in Santa Monica, California. My sophomore year at Santa Monica High School, a friend was stabbed and killed at a party.  It was a senseless act of violence fueled by a larger culture of violence that pervaded my community. My interest in understanding the causes, consequences, and correlates of violence has wavered little ever since.  

My cousins grew up in the Israeli peace village of Neve Shalom/Wahat al-Salam.  My uncle and aunt were among the first Jewish families to settle in the village in the late 1970s.  All of my earliest learning around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was shaped by their radical commitment to social justice, peace, and reconciliation.  The lessons I learned from them regarding the horrors of oppression and the consequences of othering & belonging were formative to me and my scholarship.  

Throughout all of my life experiences, I always found myself most drawn to the human experience--to understanding what wellbeing was and how we could most effectively help people achieve it.  Because of this passion, I decided to study Psychology and Political Science (with an emphasis on Public Policy) during my undergraduate education at Boston University.  It was also because of this passion that I went on to pursue a combined MSW/PhD via UC Berkeley's School of Social Welfare, concentrating in Community Mental Health during my Masters, and Social Conflict & Mental Health during my Doctorate.  


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Skills & Competencies

SSW International Social Welfare Fellow

UC B Dean's Completion Fellowship Recipient

UCB SSW Dissertation Year Award (nominee) 

Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor

Dean's Conference Travel Award Recipient



French Proficient, Hebrew Literate

Statistical Software Experience with SPSS, STATA, R, & SAS

Qualitative Methods Training in Community-Based Participatory Research, Interviewing Methods, & Ethnography 

Microsoft Office Suite, Prezi, Adobe, EndNote, Zotero