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Clinical Experience

Clinical experience including cognitive-behavioral sleep-focused therapy, trauma-informed therapy with sexual- and gender-based violence and also refugees, and clincial case management within supportive housing.  


Clinical Experience 



Cognitive Behavioral Therapist

I currently work as a part-time therapist, or "sleep coach", with the Golden Bear Sleep and Mood Research Clinic, housed within UC Berkeley's Department of Psychology and Directed by Dr. Allison Harvey.  As  a sleep coach, I deliver an approximately 8-week, CBT-based sleep treatment to low-income community-based adults living with co-morbid SMIs and sleep disorders.  This work in delivered in partnership with Alameda County Behavioral Healthcare Sites, including Eastmont Town Center, Eden Community Outpatient Center at the John George Psychiatric Pavilion, Tri-City Health Center, and various Board & Care facilities.  For the past two years, I've managed a client load of approixmately 6-8 clients/week.  

Trauma-Informed Therapy 

Aside from three years working in a research capacity at The National Center for PTSD at VA Palo Alto, where I became familiarized with treatments including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Prolonged Exposure Therapy, and Seeking Safety, I have worked with trauma-affected populations as a Domestic Violence Counselor, a Rape-Crisis Counselor, and Mental Health Counselor for recently resettled refugees.  

As a California-certified Domestic Violence Counselor, I spent three years volunteering at an emergency women's shelter in Los Angeles, predominantly working with the children living temporarily on-site.  As a California-certified Rape-Crisis Counselor, I spent a year and a half volunteering as a hotline advisor and on-call medical advocate in San Francisco, being available on weekends and nights to accompany sexual assault survivors to San Francisco General Hospital for post-assault forensic exams.  

As a refugee mental health counselor, I worked in-house at the International Rescue Committee of Northern California (Oakland office) during my second MSW practicum, assessing the mental health needs of recently resettled refugees and helping to establish an on-site wellness center.  This worked included conducting in-depth, interpreter assisted, in-take assessments and engaging in close-tailored follow up for refugees deemed higher need.  The populations I engaged in included refugees originating from Afghanistan, Bhutan, Burma, Eritrea, Iraq, and Sri Lanka.  Assessment in-takes included the administration of the Harvard Trauma Questionnaire.  



Clinical Case Management

For the first year of my MSW practicum, I worked as an on-site clinical case manager at GLIDE's 149 Mason Street Apartment Building in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco. The site consisted of 55 studio apartments of permanent, supportive housing for previously-homeless, extremely low income single adults living with concurrent mental health, substance use, and/or chronic medical conditions.  In addition to direct services, I also assisted with community-building and group therapy, and adhered to a Harm Reduction Model.